Château Mouton

In Parnership with The World-Renowned Bordeaux Vintner Baron Philippe De Rothschild, LeVel33 Offers An Exquisite Range of Wines from The Rothschild Porfolio

Parker Points: Robert Parker’s is one of the world’s most influential wine critics. His rating system employs a 50-100 point quality scale

Châuteau Mouton Rothschild 1er
Grand Cru Classé Cabernet
Sauvignon | Merlot | Cabernet
Franc Pauillac

Vintage 1981
Taste: Freshness and refinement with well-interated creamy tannins, delicately enfolded in flavours of coffee, spice, chocolate, cinnamon and fruit liqueur
Parker Point: 79
Vintage 1982
Taste: Firm and silky attack with an elegant tannic structure of velvety, full and round body with suggestions of liquorice and caramel. Fresh, seductive and charming, with notes of chocolate, this is powerful wine with attractive length
Parker Point: 100
Vintage 1983
Taste: Smooth and rich, with patrician, silky tannins enfolded in a host of diverse flavours: black fruit, incense, cedarwood and blonde tobacco, together with some peppery notes
Parker Point: 91
Vintage 1984
Taste: From a round and rich attack, the impression of substance and opulence gives way to silky and perfectly balanced tannins, harmoniously combined with oak
Parker Point: 90
Vintage 1985
Taste: Round and smooth, on thoroughly interated tannins, while the full and generous body displays caramel and ripe fruit flavours, leading into a long finish on notes of spice
Parker Point: 90
Vintage 1986
Taste: The attack is dense, the tannins forward and tightly-knit, the wine powerful, rich and smooth, displaying an array of jammy fruit, wild berry and blackcurrant liqueur flavours, leading into a finish on notes of toast
Parker Point: 100
Vintage 1987
Taste: Elegant, still with a touch of freshness. There is vanilla on the palate, the tannins are well-integrated, the texture is silky. A harmonious wine, with a finish on ripe fruit and spice flavours
Parker Point: 89
Vintage 1988
Taste: Full and generous, on chewy tannins. Surprising for its freshness and power, the wine ends pleasantly on notes of kirsch, mint and coffee
Parker Point: 89
Vintage 1989
Taste: The attack is round, with plenty of fruity freshness over sustained, silky tannins and subtle tocuhes of caramel, wild berry fruit, vanilla, coffee and white pepper
Parker Point: 90
Vintage 1990
Taste: Gentle and gradual, with a refined and silky tannic structure. The fruit, comes on the palate in flavours of macerated fruit and prunes in alcohol. An attractive, acidulated and airy finish
Parker Point: 84
Vintage 1991
Taste: Fresh and full, acidulated berry fruit, with refinement and elegance on round, well-interated tannins, as smooth as can be, leading into a rich and dense finish
Parker Point: 86
Vintage 1992
Taste: The tannic structure is close-knit and firm on the palate, with a highly elegant texture and an agreeably long and structured finish
Parker Point: 88
Vintage 1993
Taste: It is round, forward and richly flavoured from the attack, warm notes of humus mingling with black fruit, and displays superb balance on a mid-palate where the tannins become more velvety
Parker Point: 90
Vintage 1994
Taste: The supple and precise palate shows good bal, with well-intergrated tannins and an opulence that enfolds the structure. The flavours linger on a long, fruity finish
Parker Point: 91
Vintage 1995
Taste: Fresh and complex, candied fruit accompanying liquorice flavours. Dense and chewy tannins continue to lend the wine a fine structure, while lingering fruit flavours extend into a long and warm finish
Parker Point: 95
Vintage 1996
Taste: The full palate offers opulence and an attractive density, with remarkable depth of flavour. A rigorous mid-palate offers a texture of texture of refined and silky tannins in a display of controlled power before a more tender finish
Parker Point: 94
Vintage 1997
Taste: It Is Round And Fruity Along With Persising And Fine Tannins. The Fruit, With Spicy And Smoky Notes, Offer A Long-Lasting Finish
Parker Point: 90
Vintage 1998
Taste: The clean and well-structured attack displays a lovely, acidulated freshness that heralds high-quality texture. Powerful and smooth tannins support a mid-palate of surprising volume and depth
Parker Point: 96
Vintage 1999
Taste: Fresh, on ripe fruit with an attractively mineral touch, while acidulated berry fruit on the palate complements a creamily smooth and smooth and precise tannic structure, leading into a long and fruity finish
Parker Point: 93
Vintage 2000
Taste: Full on the attack, it shows opulene and attractive substance over close-knit, caressing tannins, developing intense roast coffee. The poweful, full-bodied finish lingers long on the palate, revealing the expression and sheer class of great mouton vintages
Parker Point: 96+