Freshly Brewed
Craft Beers

All brewed onsite by LeVeL33’s resident brewmaster.
True to their style, served unfiltered and unpasteurised.

Before 8PM
$11.90 0.3l | $16.90 0.5l
After 8pm
$16.90 0.3l | $19.90 0.5l
Takeaway Cans

$6.50 330ml

Please enquire with our service team

Blond Lager

Refreshing, Smooth,
Light-bodied, Slightly Fruity

Inspired by the Viennese Lager of Brewmaster Anton Dreher, the pioneer of all Lagers.
Brewed using bottom-fermenting yeast.

Wheat Beer

Refreshing. Smooth. Medium-bodied. Hints of banana.
Also known as Weissbier, Biere Blanche or Weizenbier, wheat beers are are made from
wheat malt since the 16th century. LeVeL33’s wheat beer is a traditional Bavarian Weissbier.
Brewed with top fermenting yeast.

India Pale Ale

Aromatic hops. Malty. Bitter.
To supply the British troops in India, IPAs were brewed with more hops and higher in alcohol as natural preservatives for the ales to last for the long journey. Brewed with top fermenting yeast.

House Porter

Subtle malt and chocolate flavours. Hops aroma.
Inspired by historical British porters. Originally named “Entire” and said to be a blend of three different beers that became very popular with street and market porters. Our house porter is also concocted by blending 33.15 India Pale Ale for its hoppy aroma and 33.3 Stout for its roasted aftertaste. Brewed with top fermenting yeast.


Intense roasted and malty flavours.
Historically evolved out of “Stout Porter”. Inspired by Irish Stout crafted using authentic brewing principles from Ireland since 1703, this dark brew shows coffee and cacao flavors. Brewed with top fermenting yeast.

LeVeL33’s Seasonal Craft Beer

Please enquire with our service team about the special brew on tap.

Beer Tasting Paddle


Five 0.1l tasters of LeVeL33 craft brews

LeVeL33 Brut Beer


A truly unique craft beer brewed with the same yeast as the Champagne Barons de Rothschild and with second fermentation in bottle, just like champagnes. Refreshingly dry with elegant sparkle.

Impossible Craft Ale

Full ale flavour from American hops yet low carb with less alcohol and only half the calories of regular ales. (Alc. 3.5%)

300ml (Can) $14.90

Alpirsbacher 0.0% Alcohol Lager

Non-alcoholic bottled Lager brought over from Germany. Alcohol-free

330ml $11.90