Imayotsukasa SMV (Neutral)
Using only Niigata’s natural “Suganadake” spring water and high quality sake rice. Strong, delicious flavour. A gentle aroma of peaches & rose.
Junmai Daiginjo ▲ Gohyaku mangoku ▲ Alc.15% ▲ 720ml ▲
Eikun SMV (Dry)
Most awarded sake with 14 consecutive gold
medals at the Japan New Sake Awards. Beautiful Nashi Pear fragrance, soft and clean touch on the palate. Medium body and a dry, crisp finish.
Junmai Daiginjo ▲ Yamadanishiki ▲ Alc.15% ▲ 720ml
Sakari SMV (Neutral)
Founded in 1889, Nihonsakari brews the sake of choice for the Japanese Imperial Family, used officially in celebratory events. Non-pasteurised (Nama), fresh fruity aroma generated by Nihonsakari’s original yeast.
Junmai Daiginjo ▲ Hyogo Rice ▲ Alc.15% ▲ 720ml
Hyaku Moku Junmai Daiginjo SMV (Neutral)
The first new brand in 130 years by Kiku Masamune “Hyaku Moku” is named after the Japanese idiom of “100 Silences”. Expansive fruity palette of elegant sweetness with lively acidity, crisp finishing.
Junmai Daiginjo ▲ Yamadanishiki ▲ Alc.15% ▲ 720ml ▲
Hyaku Moku Junmai Ginjo  SMV (Neutral)
Brewed with large-grain Yamada Nishiki from Yokawa Hyogo’s “special A” Grand Cru terroir. Notes of ripe pear, followed by yellow peach sweetness, the rice’s umami and hint of acidity leave a dry and airy rich finish.
Junmai Ginjo ▲ Yamadanishiki ▲ Alc.15% ▲ 720ml ▲
Hyaku Moku Alt.3 SMV (Undisclosed)
An outlier in the sake world – a blend of multiple batches of different sakes! All made with the same rice and water, yet complex, flavourful and rounded.
Undisclosed ▲ Yamadanishiki ▲ Alc.15% ▲ 720ml▲