Imayotsukasa SMV (Neutral)
Using only Niigata’s natural “Suganadake” spring water and high quality sake rice. Strong, delicious flavour. A gentle aroma of peaches & rose.
Junmai Daiginjo ▲ Gohyaku mangoku ▲ Alc.15% ▲ 720ml ▲
Eikun SMV (Dry)
Most awarded sake with 14 consecutive gold medals at the Japan New Sake Awards. Medium body and crisp finish.
Junmai Daiginjo ▲ Yamadanishiki ▲ Alc.15% ▲ 720ml
Sakari SMV (Neutral)
The sake of choice for the Japanese Imperial Family, used officially in celebratory events. Non-pasteurised (Nama).
Junmai Daiginjo ▲ Hyogo Rice ▲ Alc.15% ▲ 720ml
Hyaku Moku Junmai Daiginjo SMV (Neutral)
Named after the Japanese idiom of “100 Silences”. Expansive fruity palette of elegant sweetness, yet crisp.
Junmai Daiginjo ▲ Yamadanishiki ▲ Alc.15% ▲ 720ml ▲
Hyaku Moku Junmai Ginjo  SMV (Neutral)
Brewed with large-grain Yamada Nishiki from Yokawa Hyogo’s “special A” Grand Cru terroir. Notes of ripe pear.
Junmai Ginjo ▲ Yamadanishiki ▲ Alc.15% ▲ 720ml ▲
Hyaku Moku Alt.3 SMV (Undisclosed)
Unique in the sake world – a blend of multiple batches of different sakes. Complex, flavourful and rounded.
Undisclosed ▲ Yamadanishiki ▲ Alc.15% ▲ 720ml▲
Sake Wien SMV Dry Organic, Biodynamic
An award-winning outlier: Organic Austrian sake made with mountain spring water following biodynamic principles.
Junmai Namagenshu Bio ▲ Organic Arborio ▲ Alc.17% ▲ 750ml▲