Savour some of the best craft beers in Singapore

Welcome to the world’s highest urban Microbrewery located in central Singapore!

Expertly brewed 33 storeys up, LeVeL33’s craftsmanship can be tasted in every sip of freshly brewed craft beer.

Stout, Wheat Beer, India Pale Ale and, of course, the fan-favourite Blond Lager are permanent fixtures on the tap. Seasonal brews – like Pilsner, Hoppy 12 or the ever-so-popular Festbier for Oktoberfest season – are also available for a limited time.

All beers are handcrafted on-site by resident-certified brewmaster Gabriel Garcia, using state-of-the-art brewing equipment. Craft beer enthusiasts can inquire ahead to book an exclusive craft beer masterclass and brewery tour and sample a taster of LeVeL33’s craft beers.

Savour quality craft beers with a view of Marina Bay at our sky bar or opt for online takeaway/delivery.

Happy hour daily from opening until 5 pm. Free flow packages are available.

LeVeL33’s fine craft beers are all handcrafted by the microbrewery’s in-house brewmaster and his team.

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33.1 Blond Lager 

Refreshing. Smooth. Light-bodied. Slightly fruity.

In 1841 Viennese Brewmaster Anton Dreher presented his brewing style using bottom-fermenting yeast and became a pioneer of all Lager craft beers.

33.15 India Pale Ale 

Aromatic hops. Malty. Bitter.

Brewed since the late 1700s, IPA contains a substantial amount of hops that acted as a natural preservative of the craft beer quality during the long journey to the English troops in India.

33.3 Stout 

Intense roasted and malty flavours. Coffee & bitter chocolate aftertaste.

A rediscovery of the original Irish Stout crafted using authentic craft beer brewing principles from Ireland since 1703, this dark brew is flavourful and silky, a perfect pint to enjoy in the hot Singapore weather.

33.4 House Porter

Lighter malt and chocolate flavours. Hops aroma.

Inspired by British craft beer history when stout originated as a strong porter called ‘Stout Porter’, this house pour is concocted by mixing our brewery’s 33.15 India Pale Ale for its hoppy aroma and 33.3 Stout for its roasted aftertaste.

33.9 Wheat Beer

Refreshing. Smooth. Medium-bodied.

Hints of banana. Also known as Weissbier (white beer) or Weizenbier, this golden wheat craft beer has been brewed in Bavaria since the 16th century. Using malted wheat and special strains of top-fermenting yeast, this 33.9 Wheat Beer is rich in flavour with hints of banana.

Exclusively at LeVel33’s Craft Beer Bar: Brut Beer

Can’t decide between craft beer and Champagne for your rooftop event, rooftop wedding reception or just a casual night out? Why not have both! Say hello to “the golden love child of champagne and beer”

Crafted by resident brewmaster Gabriel Garcia, the Brut beer was inspired by LeVeL33’s relationship with one of the finest Bordeaux vintners, Barons de Rothschild. It is the mainstay Champagne in our restaurant and also the inspiration and namesake of our urban penthouse private dining room.

Combining traditional beer brewing and Methode traditionelle for making Champagne, LeVeL33’s Brut Beer is brewed using the same yeast as Champagne Barons de Rothschild with a second fermentation in the bottle.

Enjoy LeVeL33’s Brut beer with super fine Champagne bubbles and a dry finish.