Oyster Happy Hour

Mondays to Fridays, 3 to 6 pm

Prosecco 47 Anno Domini | Glera, Veneto (Bio-vegan, biodynamic)  
3 oysters + 1 glass | $30.90
1 dozen oysters + 1 bottle | $137.90
Champagne Barons de Rothschild NV | Chardonnay, Champagne 
3 oysters + 1 glass | $40.90
1 dozen oysters + 1 bottle | $222.90
LeVeL33 Brut Beer Brewed with Champagne yeast 
3 oysters + 1 glass (0.3L)| $26.00
1 dozen oysters + 1 bottle (750ml) | $84.90
Additional Oyster | $6.00 per piece


   Gluten Free Option Available

2.30pm onwards

Social Dining Room

The Raw Bar

Freshly Shucked Oysters

Served with Blond Lager Mignonette & Lemon
1/2 Dozen $36.00 | 1 Dozen $68.00

Served with Brut Beer Jelly, Roe, Dill Oil
1/2 Dozen $39.00 | 1 Dozen $74.00

Our team is happy to elaborate

Antonius Siberian Caviar Traditional Condiments & Housemade Beer Blinis

Caviar 30g

Sustainable Yarra Valley Salmon Roe



LeVeL33 Signature Raw

& Chilled Seafood Platter

$48.00 Per guest

Freshly shucked oysters, Hokkaido scallop sashimi, kingfish sashimi, ocean trout sashimi, organic mussel escabeche, poached prawn, Fremantle octopus, Yarra Valley salmon roe, blue swimmer crab rillette, housemade beer condiments, beer blinis, citrus, rye bread.



   Gluten Free Option Available
Fresh Local Tiger Prawns, sustainably sourced

From Water

Sustainable Australian Kingfish
Wheat Beer ponzu, yuzu kosho, seagrapes, cucumber,  finger lime
Chilli Salt & Pepper Local Squid
Fried, spring onion, coriander, nuoc cham
Local Tiger Prawn
Roasted garlic, roasted chilli, oregano, lemon
Sustainable Chilled Prawns
Housemade smoked cocktail sauce, mustard & sorrel salad
Ortiz Anchovy
Charred flat bread, salsa verde, pickles, aioli

From Land

Pickled mushroom, piccalilli, Stout mustard, beer malt grissini
Sizzler Beef
Confit garlic, pepper sauce
Charcoal Grilled Free-range Pork Ribs
Stout char siu glaze, roasted sesame seeds
Housemade Hummus & Baba Ganoush 
Pistachio dukkah, beer flat bread
Spent Grain Focaccia Cheese Toastie
Blond Lager piccalilli, burnt spring onion ranch
Potato Bravas
Smoked tomato, aioli, seaweed caviar
Charcoal Grilled Padron Peppers
Macadamia romesco, citrus ricotta, smoked sea salt, evoo
“Cheeseburger” Spring Roll
Fermented garlic ketchup, housemade hot sauce (4 pcs)
Beer Brined Chicken Wing 
Fried, truffle stuffing, whipped blue cheese, housemade buffalo sauce (2pcs)
Truffle & Parmesan Fries $16.00
Warm Kombu Marinated Olives
Grilled house bread
Spiced Beer Nuts $9.00
Housemade Spent Grain And Herb Focaccia
Stout balsamic, evoo

Brewery Burger & Rolls

Prawn Roll
Avocado, romaine lettuce, pickled onion, housemade smoked cocktail sauce, fries
Dry Aged King Island Beef Burger
Beer malt bun, cheddar cheese, housemade pickles,
caramelized beer onion, heirloom beef tomato
Housemade Veggie Burger  
Beer malt bun, cheddar cheese, caramelized beer onion,
housemade pickles, heirloom beef tomato

Dessert Menu

Spent Grain Banoffee Tart
Dulce de leche, Valrhona chocolate mousse, banana cream, dehydrated banana
Burnt Pavlova 
Coconut chantilly, seasonal fruit
Organic Coffee & Stout Cappucino
Panna Cotta, chantilly, Stout jelly & caramel, chocolate
Mango & Coconut Parfait
Mango & lime salsa, torched rum compressed pineapple, pecan & almond brittle
Tea Tiramisu
Matcha, earl grey, thai milk tea, vanilla mascarpone, pistachio
LeVeL33 Beer Ice Cream $10.00
Seasonal Fruit Sorbet
Seasonal Berries
LOCABA Vegan Gelato 
Free of refined sugar


Selection of Artisan Cheese 
Served with apple, maple & IPA jam, grapes, Tasmanian honeycomb, spent grain crackers
1 type of cheese | $14.00
3 types of cheese | $36.00